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Technical Support

Technical support is provided via e-mail (page Support) in Questions/Answers form. There are 2 types of support package:

  • "basic technical support" (not more than 10 requests per month)
  • "advanced technical support" (not more than 15 requests per month)

Technical support conditions are defined in contract offer

  • E-mail that you type in the payment order will be the e-mail which we will implement for you support.
  • Technical support starts to act immediately on receipt of payment confirmation.

It's possible to develop special terms for technical support contract.

Software development by demand

The company provides the following services:

  • RunaWFE tuning according to client needs
  • RunaWFE deployment
  • RunaWFE support
  • Creation of additional software applications on the basis of RunaWFE


Training is provided only in Russian. See Services

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